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The Team

Who We Are

Chris Irwin


is the Director for EnterMission and a life-long missionary. Originally from Kentucky, upon completion of college, he went straight to Ecuador where he and his wife served as Team Expansion church planters for almost 20 years. They would later move to Spain where he would serve as the team leader for another church planting team. Chris has his masters degree from Wheaton College, is finishing his PhD from Johnson University and is the co-author of Missions In Focus and Hidden Treasures From an Urban Jungle.  He is married to Nicia, and has four children, and two cats: one of which he loves and the other he tolerates.


Fun Facts

  1. Absolutely loves Mixed Martial Arts (as a spectator!).

  2. Absolutely loves learning and deep conversations (really bad at small talk).

  3. Is an introvert who realizes it’s not an excuse to avoid and not love people.

Nicia Irwin

Mentor & financial admin

is the Administrative Assistant for EnterMission and grew up as an MK in Zimbabwe and Brazil. She loves people and making even the most mundane tasks fun. She enjoys hearing people’s stories and asking lots of questions ... just ask her kids! She does have a degree in Elementary Education, but only used it to torture her children while attempting to homeschool.


Fun Facts

  1. She can make a yummy meal when there is supposedly nothing left in the fridge.

  2. She loves making crafts, reading and cooking, but hates cleaning!

  3. Is an extrovert, but dislikes being up front preferring to be behind the scenes.


Danny Wright

Teacher & US Tour Manager

used to lead backpacking trips, but currently serves as a missionary-in-residence at New Paradigm Christian Church in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis. He has also been serving as the Chaplain and Internship Director at The Ark Christian Ministries and as a Chaplain at three Indianapolis area Midas stores. He recently finished his Master’s Degree at Cincinnati Christian University. His life was changed when he encountered the spiritual disciplines and the writings of Mike Yaconelli, Henri Nouwen, Thomas Merton and others. He loves traveling and spending time with people, listening to their stories and helping them find the author behind their lives. He also loves serving as a gastronomic positioning system for himself, and others. He searches for the holy in the ordinary, and believes that we are to be well-versed in Scripture and culture. He is married to Melissa, and they have two daughters.


Fun Facts

  1. Danny talks about popular culture at:

  2. Danny has some crazy photos on Instagram: @yetimonk

  3. Danny served as a documentary film reviewer for the Heartland International Film Festival.



Alex grew up in Kazakhstan until he and his mother moved to Los Angeles with hopes of a better life. He struggled to find identity and community, and was quickly was swept away by the chaos and intrigue of LA night life and gang culture. After ten years as an active gang member and experiencing the good, the bad, and the ugly of everything that life had to offer, Alex had an encounter with Jesus at a rehab center at 27 years old. He realized his life was a miracle, and he has devoted his life to using his story and experiences to serve and help the people around him. Alex is pursuing a career in counseling and therapy and excited to help guide and encourage Entermission students.


Fun Facts

​   1.  Loves to watch and play basketball.  Played for Kazakhstan national team.

   2.  Could be a historian on Los Angeles gangs! ;)
   3. Loves to travel and try new foods--  can eat anything!



Erin grew up in small town America in a Christian home. She had a strong foundation in faith, but wanted to grow and understand her faith on a deeper level, so she enrolled in Bible college. She graduated from The Master's College at the top of her class, but found herself with more questions than answers when it came to her faith. After a few years of struggling with these questions, Erin realized that knowledge about God and knowledge of God are two completely different things. She shifted her focus to knowing God more personally and letting go of the need for a stable list of doctrines. Answers are easy, but faith is more difficult. Erin is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge, and she works as a freelance editor, with hopes of working in publishing and writing her own books to help guide people through difficult parts of life and faith.

Fun Facts

​   1. I am an avid reader--if I pick up a book you might not see me for a while!
   2. I love studying the Old Testament.
   3. I love people and am very social but I am also deeply introverted.



No, Dan is not blind!  He just has a wonderful disposition and loves to laugh!  Dan has been in ministry since 1976, teaching people of God’s love. Originally from the small village of Medway, Ohio he has been a missionary in Africa since 1989. He and his wife, Theresa, travel all over the world ministering, teaching seminars and preaching to the lost. They have ministered in the United States, India, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Mexico, the Philippines, and South Africa. He is the author of The Signature which tells the story of a young Zimbabwean man who finds the meaning of the signature of God upon his life, the seal of the Holy Spirit that transforms us and releases us to walk in the power and victory against all odds.  Theresa past away in 2022 and is dearly missed but we are so excited to have Dan with us in Phase 1 of this year!



Luke comes from a ministry family in Lexington, Kentucky and has served with YWAM (Youth With a Mission) for the last three years.  When Luke walks into the room he brings joy with him.  He always has a smile on his face, and it's contagious.  He reflects the heart of God in the way that he loves people.  His heart to serve and go above and beyond comes from the security he's found in knowing Jesus.  His personality is full of excitement and his brain is full of fun facts about pretty much anything!  He has a real desire to speak into the lives of other young people and lead them on overseas mission experiences.

Fun Facts

  1. I love to play board games--- so get ready!

  2. I also am fascinated by World and US History.

  3. I'm a Bibliophile (Bible nerd!).

Screenshot 2023-05-09 at 2.38_edited.jpg

Lauren Blevins

Phase 1 apprentice

Lauren has lived in Tennessee all her life. She grew up in the church, and with time developed a servant’s heart. Lauren loves helping people. She has worked with high school girls as a student leader for a youth group and vacation bible school program. In recent years, she has led a small group that focuses on looking at the Bible through a different cultural perspective. Lauren also has been on two mission trips to Peru.


Fun Facts

  1. She loves puzzles.

  2. She enjoys water related activities like boating, swimming or just hanging out by a creek.

  3. She loves animals. 

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