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EnterMission is a Learning Community

Teaching for Transformation

This is not your typical classroom learning.  Jesus didn't ask his disciples to sit in school desks and then teach for the test.  He said, "Come and follow me and I will make you fishers of men.  We are a learning community that blends traditional teaching with experiential learning.  Think of it as a trade-school approach to spiritual transformation and relaltional life-skills.

Life Mapping

Life Mapping is an 8 week exercise in examining and mapping your life out which you will then share with our community so that you can be seen and heard.  During this time you will also work with your mentor privately as you seek to understand your story and God's presence in it.  It is a POWERFUL experience!

Finding God in Culture

Twice a week you will meet to try to reshape your understanding of the world.  For so many in the church, the world has been classified as dangerous, fallen, and something to be endured until heaven.  During this time, you will be challenged that while the world is fall and dangerous, it's also being redeemed and God is working in it--and he does this in so many ways through music, art, movies.  


This is not your ordinary Bible class.  This is an exciting, experiential journey into the life of Jesus as you have never experienced.  You will not only learn "how" to discover it, but will also be taught how to lead others as you become the teacher!

9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations

People are tired of being treated like projects and aren't interested in a 'sales pitch'.  So then how are we to live out our faith.  Through the '9 Arts' you willl be challenged to learn how to really see people, know how to engage and make small-talk with anyone and how to be a leader of influence!

Signs & Stories

Jesus was a story teller.  Through Life-Mapping you will see how each person has a story to tell.  Through this experience you will be equipped in how to be a great story teller and you will learn and practice many stories, both from scripture and from life that will serve you throughout your life as you interact with others.

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