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Support raising isn’t begging for support, but enlisting people to join you in a faith venture. You are stepping out in faith to be molded by God as you are discipled and sent out to ministries both in the US and overseas! You believe that God will use this to mold you into a deeper disciples who will be better equipped to serve the church and you know that you will have the opportunity to bless others as well. So you are sharing the opportunity that you have, this personal challenge and you are inviting them to participate as you Enter Mission!


Finally, it’s important to realize that this is a faith venture and that God has stated that He is with us always and to cast our cares upon Him. Don’t forget the importance and the power that comes from prayer. Ask God to guide you, to strengthen you, to give you both wisdom and words to communicate effectively. You will not be alone--EnterMission will walk alongside you and coach you as you step out in faith. 

Unsure where to begin? Check out our resource list for some of the best thinkers on the subject:

God Ask.jpg

The God Ask: A Fresh, Biblical Approach to Personal Support Raising 
by Steve Shadrach, Published by CMM Press in 2013.

Steve Shadrach lays out some of the most practical tips on support raising that you will find. This book speaks to the clarity of the vision you need to lay out for potential supporters, offers a step by step guide from initial outreach, to what to do when meeting face to face, and accurately underlines the truth that when supporters give to your mission, they're truly giving to God. This is an indispensable resource for those wading into the necessity of support raising.


Friendraising: Building a Support Team that Lasts 
by Betty Barnett, Published by YWAM in 1991.

Betty Barnett is on staff with Youth With A Mission and trains their staff in support raising from her base in Hawaii. This is a short, but powerful book that centers on what she considers to be the four pillars of support raising: Friend Raising, Generosity, Communication, and Prayer with Promises. This book is one that focuses on not just reaching out for support, but of building relationships that last. She includes testimonies from others who have both succeeded and struggled to raise support.

people raising.jpg

People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Support 
by Bill Dillon, Published by Moody Press in 1993.

This is considered by many to be THE book when it comes to practical help in support raising. Within this book you will learn how to raise support with a positive attitude and know what skills you will need to be successful. Most helpful is the step-by-step scripts that he provides to help you visualize and run through both phone and personal conversations as well as sample letters.

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