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Now accepting applications for 2024!

The Experience

Entermission is committed to not just offering students a powerful experience of discipleship, but also raising up leaders equipped with the experience and ability to disciple in every area of life. We invite college graduates interested in enhancing their leadership skills to apply to join our learning community for the duration of our two semesters to help shape the lives of our students, and grow into character-centric leaders for the local church. 

Everyone in EnterMission, whether staff, Resident Assistant or students are part of our learning community.  Our apprentices serve as Resident Assistants during phase 1.  As RA's, they live among the students, participate in classroom settings and experiential activities, and provide leadership in the dorm.  The primary goal of our R.A.'s is to invest in our students, encouraging and challenging them as necessary, and helping to assess the needs of individual students for discipleship.

You won't go through this process alone! You will be part of our dorm leadership team which consists of our other RA's,  our dorm leader Danny Wright and our Missionary in Residence.  Like our students, will also be paired with a mentor for the duration of our program. Aside from being poured into from each member of our leadership staff, we want to offer you a safe space to process, evaluate, and grow during your time at EnterMission. At the end of phase 1, if we feel your giftedness suits continued leadership, we will offer the opportunity to step into a more formal team leader role during phase 2 and 3 which offers it's own financial sponsorship lowering the total amount you will need to raise.  While the missionary is in direct leadership during phase 3, you will work with the missionary to lead the group.

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This has been a space for me to walk alongside those who don't yet know their direction, improve as a leader, and explore the world. Through moments of joy and challenge, I have grown not only in knowledge but in practice and love.

Anya, Apprentice (2021)



  • Leading Prayer Practices

  • Aiding Students In Study

  • Advising on leadership strategies

  • Facilitating Discussion Groups

  • Encouraging/Challenging Students

  • Creating Availability for students

  • Aiding mentors in individual assessments

  • Exemplifying Core Concepts

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Our Goal For You:

That you may walk away confident in your ability to walk with others, and to follow jesus into the calling he HAs placed on your life.

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  • Love for Jesus and a desire to see lives and communities changed by the Gospel.

  • A positive and entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Good leadership and communication skills.

  • Strong interpersonal skills working with a variety of people, ages and cultures.

    • Ability to handle sensitive issues and maintain confidentiality and trust.

  • Humility and a learner's attitude.


  • 23-35 years old

  • College Graduate or Ministry Experience

  • Be a born again Christian and living a Christian lifestyle

  • Have cross-cultural ministry experience or college studies preparation.

  • Ability to lead and teach (speaking/teaching in front of groups).

  • Ability to travel internationally as a team leader.

  • Open posture to learning, willingness to being molded and a strong team commitment.

  • Fun and energetic personality.

  • Can anticipate, enjoy and thrive in a rapidly changing environment.

Anya GC.jpeg

This has been a space for me to walk alongside those who don't yet know their direction, improve as a leader, and explore the world. Through moments of joy and challenge, I have grown not only in knowledge but in practice and love.

Anya, Apprentice (2020)

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Do apprentice’s work on Sundays?

Yes, all interns will serve on Sundays, however during the initial 10 weeks at Johnson University, there will be programmed “time off”.

Most likely, no. The majority of your time will be either on campus at Johnson University, on the road in provided vehicles or overseas. However, transportation to Johnson University for the beginning of the program, transportation home for Christmas break, and transportation to Camp Allendale after Christmas break needs to be arranged.

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Do I need a car?

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What are the Ministry Phases?

Phase 1 - Begins at Johnson University (2.5 months)
Phase 2 - Involves the stateside Ministry Roadtrip (2.5                      months)
Phase 3 - Begins in January and involves the overseas                        component (3+ months)

We are a learning community—and every member, whether staff or student comes ready and open to immersive learning. We specialize in seeing people as people and not as projects, learning to engage in small-talk, becoming great listeners and storytellers. We focus on developing a sense of wonder as we intentionally engage the world, understanding that God is doing what He has always done—enter the lives and stories of his people for redemptive purposes. You will be given opportunities to lead by example, lead in prayer, lead in public speaking, and lead as you follow the Holy Spirit.

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What skills will I develop?

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How Much 
support do i need
to raise?

As an RA, you need to raise $11,000.00 plus international travel costs. This means that you will need to raise monthly support of about $1100.00 per month compared to our students who will raise approximately $13,000.00.  We will help you do this!

The “end game” or ultimate purpose of EnterMission is to prepare everyone to Enter a life on-mission regardless of vocation. We want everyone to leave with a better understanding of who they are, who God is, and how we can intentionally and naturally live out our faith beyond the walls of the church!

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What is the “end game” of EnterMissioN?

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