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Gap Year Experience

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what its all about

Like most Christians,  you’ve studied the Bible, heard lots of sermons,  and gone to camps and conferences,  yet you still hunger for a deeper experience with God. You don’t want to just believe, but make a difference in the world.

Entermission is dedicated to helping you do this by guiding and coaching you in your spiritual development, within the context of community, while also providing practical, hands-on training with people from diverse backgrounds that will last your entire life.

Now accepting applications for 2024!

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Young adults ages 17-25. Whether you are just about to enter college, leaving college, or somewhere in between, EnterMission could be your next step.

1 year - 2 Semesters
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Community and Concept Building

During our first phase, students come together at Johnson University in Knoxville, TN. Here, students share common experiences, set rhythms of communal life, study the life of Jesus, and learn to implement core concepts that will carry on throughout the year.  

U.S. Tour and Experience  

Every couple of weeks our students travel the U.S. for a 7-12 day trip to connect with and experience life at ministries across the country. We work with a variety of ministries which tend to include, but are not limited to: inner-city, children's homes and orphanages, Native American reservations, and working at ICOM (The International Conference on Missions).


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International Ministry Experience

During the second semester, students pack up and travel to an international destination where they will live and work  with a local ministry for the duration of the program. Each team is led into the field by the coaches who walked alongside them during the first semester. At this point, students are challenged to incarnate the values, skill-sets, and experiences they've cultivated throughout the year.   There will be a final week of debrief in the United States upon their return.

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Tori cole, Student 2021

My confidence in the Lord has grown tremendously being part of this team. It’s been the greatest opportunity to focus on becoming stronger as a follower of Christ and pushing my own limitations to grow in Him.

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Entermission pairs each student with a mentor for weekly meetings, encouragement, and challenge. We offer this time for growth and guidance as we believe students flourish in spaces that allow them to reflect and process outside of their everyday experiences with us.  This is a pivotal part the EnterMission experience.

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Entermission offers all sorts of exposure to the world and what God is doing in it. Each year our team prays and connects with various ministry partners to find the different stops we believe God has for us. We don't just want student to have an experience, but to experience what God has for them.

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Before it is a gap year experience, Entermission is a discipleship training school. Our partnership with Johnson University allows us to offer college credits through our program. These credits are transferable to select universities and allow for a seamless transition into continued education.

Who You are

Entermission's Gap Year experience is first and foremost an invitation to join our learning community as we relentlessly chase after Jesus. Our program is not about taking a year off, but about putting a year in. Our goal is to invest in you as a student, as a disciple, and as a young adult.

We seek to connect you to God and who He's created you to be. The question you're most likely asking is "what will I do next," we'd suggest a better question is, "who am i becoming?" We believe that no matter what direction you choose after EnterMission, God will place you, as he already has, within a web of interconnected relationships for the purpose of fulfilling your role as a conduit to him. All of your ministry, all of your mission, all of the ways God will call you to partner with him will flow from the unique identity and skills He has gifted you with. 

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