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Welcome! Only God can Move Mountains

Through hard work, ingenuity and creativeness, we can build great things for the Kingdom of God. But what is it worth if it's not reliant upon God to do those things that we are unable to? What value does it have if a ministry built on faith is able to be accomplished by our own power?

We are grateful for the vision that we have for EnterMission and have worked hard at designing, running, learning and redesigning our ministry so that young adults can be prepared to enter life on-mission-- but we know that we must have God's help to do this.

This means that we will be a ministry undergirded by prayer--and that's what this page is all about. We would encourage you to be part of our prayer team which involves dedicating a space in your prayer life to talk to God about our mission, our personnel, our needs, our students and the work of the Kingdom that needs to be done.

We will help you with this. Each week on our social media pages we will provide a scripture to guide your prayer (Each Monday on our Facebook and Instagram pages), a post by our students or staff on Wednesdays, and a prayer focus on Fridays. (You can find us on Facebook at and on Instagram at . Furthermore, on this prayer page, we will have written prayers, encouragements and updates for those subscribed. The previous suggestions are available when you look for them, but for those subscribed, you will be signed up for our online prayer updates.

Our goal is to enlist as many people as possible to make sure that EnterMission is part of His Mission and not our own. If at any time, you would like to write out a prayer for us to post, just let us know at

How do you sign up? Simply add a comment below and it will ask for you to subscribe. Thanks in advance for being part of this foundational work!

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